Enamel 3: The End

So it's finally out! Thank you to all contributors. I printed a limited edition and will be giving them away, including free postage. If you would like one email me at enamel dot editor at gmail dot com and I will send you a copy. Alternatively if you would like a pdf let me know and I can send you one of those.

Please don't think this means I devalue the work inside! Rather I am trying to get these poems spread more widely in a world where people don't always have the cash for poetry and fiction.

I am incredibly happy to have published all of the writers that are in Enamel 3 and I hope they all continue to get published elsewhere and that they keep writing.


An End to Enamel

I just wanted to officially let everyone know that this forthcoming Enamel will be the last one.

Putting out a lit mag such as this takes a lot of time, effort and money. I've had good support from many writers around the world and in New Zealand but unfortunately I've decided not to continue with this project. There are lots of really interesting lit mags and journals in New Zealand at the moment and I look forward to supporting them.

Thanks for all your submissions.