Getting There

I just wanted to let people know that I have almost finished selecting the submissions that I would like to use. If you haven't heard from me yet, you should expect to hear from me within the next couple of weeks.


Submissions Closed

Thanks for all the submissions! Stay tuned for release details!


1.5 Weeks

Just about 1.5 weeks until submissions for Enamel close on the 31st of August. Get them in on time as we won't be accepting late submissions! Looking forward to reading your work!



Just a reminder to all of you who are considering submitting to Enamel. Please read and submit according to the Submission Guidelines. They are there for a few reasons:

a) they outline what I'm looking for.

b) it's much easier to select poetry once you get a feel for the poet in general; one poem isn't enough to judge this, unless it is an absolute show stopper.

c) there is only a certain amount of room in this totally self funded project.

d) many magazines have similar guidelines and learning to write a good submission is an important part of getting published.

As always feel free to email (enamel dot editor at gmail dot com) with any questions that you have. I'm looking forward to reading more submissions!


ART needed

I am currently looking for art submissions. I am looking for art that is any of these things: edgy, political, quirky, stark, fantastical, surreal, funny, folky, crafty... At the moment I have some really great collages that are going in but I am looking for more Art! If you have anything in black and white, or know anyone who might like to get some of their art published in a new NZ lit mag, let me know, or pass on their info to me, or my info to them, or whatevs. I can't offer any payment, but I can offer credit, a complimentary copy and publishing!

email: enamel dot editor at gmail dot com


The Story So Far

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far. We're getting some great stuff! I've had very few submissions from the male perspective and I just wanted to say that being explicitly pro-feminist does not exclude poetry from men, or male identified writers.

Please feel free to write to enamel dot editor at gmail dot com if you have questions about your submission, etc, or if you would like more information about what I'm looking for or what we're about!


We are pleased to be getting submissions. It's exciting reading each new one. If you're considering a submission get going! Also, spread the word. We were lucky to be mentioned in blueprintreview's news section! Invite your friends, do you know a poet, a writer someone you think should be a poet or a writer? Get them to submit!


Submissions are open for the first edition of Enamel. Submissions will close at the end of August 2008. Enamel will have a limited release by the end of 2008. We welcome all types of poetry and short fiction and are looking for writing that makes us wish we had written it. There will be an antipodean focus and a slight bias towards pro-feminist lit. Don't let either of those things put you off if you have a piece of work that you believe in.

We are accepting submissions in the body of an email only. We don't think posting on your personal blog constitutes publishing, but would appreciate you removing the post if your work is selected. We don't accept previously published work from online publications, or print publications. If you have specific formatting requirements, please ask before submitting attached files. Please submit your work once only. Send your submission of no more than five poems, or no more than 600 words and a short bio, or any questions you may have through to:

enamel dot editor at gmail dot com