ART needed

I am currently looking for art submissions. I am looking for art that is any of these things: edgy, political, quirky, stark, fantastical, surreal, funny, folky, crafty... At the moment I have some really great collages that are going in but I am looking for more Art! If you have anything in black and white, or know anyone who might like to get some of their art published in a new NZ lit mag, let me know, or pass on their info to me, or my info to them, or whatevs. I can't offer any payment, but I can offer credit, a complimentary copy and publishing!

email: enamel dot editor at gmail dot com


The Story So Far

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far. We're getting some great stuff! I've had very few submissions from the male perspective and I just wanted to say that being explicitly pro-feminist does not exclude poetry from men, or male identified writers.

Please feel free to write to enamel dot editor at gmail dot com if you have questions about your submission, etc, or if you would like more information about what I'm looking for or what we're about!